Clay for internal route


- infection  : In all cases of internal or external infection, the clay will help cleanse the body from the inside (and thus complete any poultices).

- Diarrhea  : Very fast action to stop diarrhoea.

- Anemia  : Replenishment of red blood cells, clay fills mineral deficiencies.

- Endocrinology : Clay helps stimulate or soothe deficient glands.

- Disinfection  : The clay cleans the blood, stops the microbial proliferation in the intestine and reconstitutes a good microbial flora deodorizes the chlorinated water and leads to the elimination of undesirable substances from the water.

- Vermifuge  : The clay can evacuate the worms present in the intestines.

- Ulcers  : Against irritations and ulcerations of the digestive tract, clay is an excellent dressing.

- Colds, angina  : Sucking small pieces of clay.

- The cure of green clay by mouth is recommended once, twice, even four times a year, with the changes of season, but mainly in spring to clean the organization and to counter its possible deficiencies.


- No need to consume large doses of clay, the regularity and the duration of the treatment acting more.

- In case of high blood pressure, do not take too much clay, because it enriches the blood a lot. No more than two teaspoons spread over the week.

- Constipation  : Regular intake of clay can lead to constipation. This comes from the fact that the clay drags the waste contained in the intestine. If these are important, this can cause "traffic jams" like on the motorway! Several solutions are proposed: Increase in the consumption of water drunk throughout the day to help evacuation; Drink only clay water, leaving the clay deposit in the bottom of the glass; Take a laxative herbal tea. Above all, do not allow constipation to set in.

- In addition, it is important not to absorb paraffin oil during the cure, because the oil hardens the clay and the intestines will not appreciate it. Similarly, as a precaution, restrict your consumption of cooking oil.

- Taking medication at the same time as the clay cure can sometimes be well accepted and in other cases not suitable. Clay can negate the effect of some medications. Ask your healthcare professional.


- It is advisable to prepare the green or white clay half a day before consuming it: that is to say, in general, prepare the clay in the evening and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning when you get up. You can also drink it in the evening at bedtime. Otherwise, during the day, always drink half an hour to an hour before a meal.

- It is preferable to use glass or stoneware containers and not plastic ones; in addition, do not soak spoon in water.

- Fill a glass with pure water three quarters and pour a teaspoon of powdered green or white clay for an adult (half a teaspoon for children up to 10 years old).

Wait until night (so that the clay can release its elements) and drink in the morning. For the first few days, to gradually accustom the body to the action of the clay, drink only water. Then, on the following days, mix the clay with the water and gradually drink a little clay with the water, a little more each day. After a week, drink all the water and clay.

Attention  : When cleaning your glass, be careful not to throw any clay remnants down the sink or sink drains. Indeed, clay is a sticky earth that would settle along the pipes and block them in the long run. It is best to throw it in the compost.


- The clay cure is recommended for a period of three weeks with one drink a day. If one wants to prolong the benefits of the clay, it is possible to continue for three months (with weeks of break).

- For cases of diarrhea: Two to three glasses of clay water per day.

- For all other cases: A glass of clay water per day as long as the illness lasts, continue for a few days, or even a week after the symptoms have disappeared in the event of a short-term problem.

If the treatment requires several months, it is necessary to stop for one week after the three-week cure. Then we will alternate a week of treatment, a week off.

Possible reactions

Green clay has a powerful action and will cause changes in the body. While the usual medications lull the ailment and reduce the symptoms, the natural methods can lead to unforeseen reactions. This is because they behave as revealers of latent problems. And the body seeks to eliminate what encumbers it. Thus, a clay cure can lead to the evacuation of worms, blood, other substances ... ignored in the body, or even diarrhea or constipation. If it is difficult to bear, space out clay intakes more or alternate with another natural treatment. Do not worry. It is the process of elimination that is set in motion. If it is a bit strong at first, it will fade later.

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